Starting out as a phantasm, a project called APATHIE came into being in Upper Lusatia, 2009.
The path was clear: Returning to the roots.
No certain goal was set.
After the completion of several works the search for a way of executing them began.
That is how three men came together to get these ideas into shape.

Since then, APATHIE consists of:
Saerk (vocals, bass),
Sulphur (guitar)
Grond (drums).

Due to given infrastructural situations, the project moved to the Saxon capital.
After releasing the first sign of life, a demo called “Heimat:Einöde” was spread among the public in June 2010.
Through this, a way and a certain goal came into sight.
APATHIE stands for excessive Black Metal with ambient tendencies.
The lyrical emphasis lies on the involvement with the insanity of human actions and their consequences as well as the conflict between emotions and reason.
After two years of existence, several shows and a lot of memories the time was ripe to create the first manifesto of the void.
Hence the project proceeded to a studio in February/March 2012 to capture the debut “Trugbilder einer Erinnerung” on a disc.
It was released in autumn 2012 via Black Blood Records.
Exuding power, rage and wrath, the path goes on.
We are walking under the banner of the void!